MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Transportation and Infrastructure

Meridian Kessler was originally laid out in a grid. This has created an easily-travelled area with many route options. The neighborhood is also well-connected to the rest of the city by way of arterial streets such as Kessler Boulevard, 38th Street, Meridian Street and College Avenue. A quality pedestrian system of connectivity is critical to a vibrant community. It is the goal of this plan to preserve ease of safe movement within the neighborhood by way of multiple modes of transportation: driving, walking, biking and transit.


Transportation and Infrastructure Recommendations and Actions

  • Promote and support mass transit, accompanied with development density, as an integral part of future plans.
    • Promote the intersection of College Avenue and Kessler Boulevard as a mass transit stop.
    • Promote the 38th Street corridor as a transit line, with transit-oriented development at certain intersections.
  • Install traffic calming elements, as appropriate, throughout the neighborhood. The first priority for traffic calming should be along streets in the “Safe Routes to Schools” (See Appendix C) Following are some examples of traffic calming measures:
    • Bump outs/curb extensions (narrows lane width at pedestrian crossings).
    • Chokers (narrows the roadway to a single lane at points).
    • Mini-circles (raised circular islands constructed in the center of residential or minor street intersections – generally not intended for use where one or both streets are arterial streets).
    • Traffic circles (larger circular islands at the intersection of major roads).
    • Paving pattern variety (colors and materials).
    • Road humps (similar to speed bumps, but less aggressive).
    • Chicanes (serpentine lanes that require a decrease of speed to navigate).
    • Islands (provides pedestrian refuges).
    • Median diverters (prevents left turns or through movements into residential areas).
    • Decreased turning radii.
    • Speed cushions (a series of three small speed humps that slow cars down but allow emergency vehicles to straddle them so as not to slow response time).
  • Provide for strong pedestrian connections throughout the neighborhood and to the Monon Trail.
  • Improve east/west connections for pedestrians/bicyclists along 38th Street by creating a collector sidewalk between the State Fairgrounds and the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
  • Improve the overall streetscape and street lighting.
  • Pave and light alleys. Promote alleys as pedestrian and bicycle connections. Alley reconstructions should include incorporation green infrastructure.
  • Retain and maintain historic brick alleys.
  • Provide marked curbside parking where appropriate.
  • On-street parking should be limited to one side where streets are especially narrow.
  • Encourage green infrastructure, including, but not limited to permeable pavement, rain gardens, rain barrels, green roofs, and bio swales.
  • Improve traffic control at the intersection of Meridian and 40th streets. Provide safe pedestrian access to Tarkington Park from Meridian Kessler.

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