MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Related Planning Documents

The Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Plan is one of approximately 135 planning documents that make up the Comprehensive Plan for Indianapolis/Marion County. Of particular relevance to the Meridian Kessler Neighborhood are the 38th Street Corridor Study, the North Meridian Corridor – Section 6 Plan, and the Meridian Street Preservation Area Plan.

38th Street Corridor Study

This plan was adopted in 1985 and then expanded and readopted in 1998 (98-CPS-R-008).   The plan covers the immediate vicinity of 38th Street between Michigan Road/Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street and Fall Creek. The study area widens out to 40th Street between Kenwood Avenue and Pennsylvania Street. It widens again at College Avenue to nearly 40th Street. The plan includes recommendations for land use, zoning and design standards. Among the many recommendations are ones to widen the sidewalks along 38th Street and to maintain the architectural character of the area between Pennsylvania and Broadway streets.

In 1998 a three-day charrette was held to generate recommendations for improvements to the 38th Street Corridor. The charrette was a joint project of the Maple Road Development Association, the Indianapolis Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning and the City of Indianapolis. Among the implemented recommendations of the charrette was the installation of landscaped medians in 38th Street. The charrette also recommended the nomination of the historic apartment buildings between Pennsylvania and Broadway streets to the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district.

North Meridian Corridor – Section 6 Plan

This plans looks at Illinois, Meridian and Pennsylvania streets between 30th and 40th streets. The plan was adopted in 1986 (86-CPS-R-010). The plan includes recommendations for land use, zoning and design standards. A general recommendation for the study area was for its inclusion in the Regional Center Secondary District. Recommendations specifically for the area of overlap between this plan and the Section 6 Plan are:

  • construction of an office building at southeast corner of 39th and Meridian streets,
  • construction of an apartment building at the southwest corner of 39th and Pennsylvania streets,
  • tree planting along the major streets, and
  • reorganizing and expanding the parking lots in the area to improve safety and increase supply.

Meridian Street Preservation Area Plan

The study area for this plan is the jurisdictional area of the Meridian Street Preservation Commission. The MSPC is nine-member board that has authority over land use changes and exterior modifications to structures within its district (see page 11). This plan makes recommendations for land use and zoning. It was adopted in September, 2004 (2004-CPS-R-003).

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