MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Planning Process

Over the course of three years, a committee of neighborhood volunteers along with the City’s Division of Planning worked to develop a plan to update the old 1978 Meridian-Kessler Plan to guide future land use development for decades to come. The plan focuses on important “character areas” within Meridian-Kessler.

The committee sought feedback from residents during ten-plus meetings with residents and businesses. The meetings were conducted by neighborhood volunteers with the assistance of City’s Division of Planning. The meetings were advertised by posters, leaflets, in the Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association (MKNA) Newsletters, and on the MKNA website. The content of those meetings were also posted on the MKNA website. The committee also compiled a new email list of interested residents to keep them informed of the progress of the plan, and regularly sought comments on the MKNA web site.

The meetings were keyed to the critical areas, which included:

  • College Avenue from 38th Street to Kessler Boulevard,
  • Winthrop Avenue from 54th Street to 46th Street & the Monon Trail,
  • 38th Street from the State Fairgrounds to Meridian Street,
  • 49th & Pennsylvania streets,
  • Central Avenue from 42nd Street to 46th Street, and
  • Meridian Street from 38th Street to 40th

The committee will release an illustrated draft of the plan by April 15, 2015 and it will be available at the upcoming MKNA All-Neighborhood meeting scheduled for Thursday evening, May 14 at the Basile Opera Center.

The Plan and Land Use Map will be displayed at the College Avenue Branch Library until June 15 and also will be posted online for comments.

All feedback has been, and will be, evaluated and where appropriate, incorporated into the plan.

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