MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Neighborhood Character

Meridian Kessler is known and valued for its solid and established character as expressed in its historic homes, mature trees, well-maintained yards, institutions and sidewalk-lined streets. It is a residential neighborhood with a series of commercial nodes that are easily accessible on foot. It is the goal of this plan to preserve and enhance the neighborhood’s essential character.

Neighborhood Character Recommendations and Actions

  • Maintain the character of the neighborhood – building setbacks, heights, styles, materials and size, lot sizes and shapes, and mix of uses.
  • Maintain the existing housing stock and discourage demolitions.
  • Prepare a tree preservation plan.
  • Maintain the topographic variations throughout the neighborhood.
  • Create a unique high-quality environment and identity for the Meridian Kessler neighborhood through unified streetscaping (benches, bus stops, trash containers, lighting signage, etc.).

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