MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Critical Area #6

College Avenue at 49th Street

Why Critical: The northwest corner is zoned CS (W-5). The other three corners at this commercial node are zoned C-3. The CS District is designed to permit, within a single zoning district, multi-use commercial complexes or land use combinations of commercial and non-commercial uses. The primary objective is to encourage development which achieves a high degree of excellence in planning, design, or function and compatibility among varied land use choices.

This commercial node has recently experienced reinvestment into a variety of businesses that serve the surrounding neighborhood. The commercial brick buildings on the southwest and northeast corners are multi-storied and contribute to an “urban feel” at this intersection. The building on the southwest corner (The Uptown) has commercial use on the ground level with living space above – an example of mixed use. The building on the northeast corner is currently home to a liquor store. The site on the northwest corner was recently cleared and environmental remediation undertaken. The southwest corner is home to a small restaurant.


  • See Land Use and Design Recommendations for College Avenue above.
  • Neighborhood-oriented redevelopment and investment should be encouraged.
  • Multi-story buildings should be placed adjacent to the street, with gradation of lower heights adjacent to residences.
  • Historic buildings should be preserved.
  • As properties are redeveloped, building setbacks should be established that maintain the urban character and provide visibility for safe travel.
  • Commercial signage should be scaled for pedestrians and of a quality to reflect the character of the area.

A parking plan, including striping of on-street parking, should be prepared that provides a parking system that maintains the pedestrian safety while accommodating automobiles and bicycles.

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