MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Critical Area #5

49th and Pennsylvania streets

Why Critical: The intersection of 49th and Pennsylvania streets is a small, but locally significant retail node. Its popularity has brought about an intensification of the uses. Striking a balance between the needs of the businesses and the needs of the surrounding residences is critical.


  • Prohibit the expansion of commercial uses beyond their current extent.
  • Discourage auto-intensive uses. Exception: redevelopment of the existing gas station on the southeast corner of the intersection as a gas station.
  • Encourage small, neighborhood-serving businesses rather than businesses that would draw from a wide area.
  • Discourage high-traffic businesses such as convenience stores.
  • Discourage medium or large-scale businesses such as chain drugstores.
  • Discourage 24-hour businesses.
  • Limit the height of any new construction to one story.
  • Maintain a variety of architectural styles.
  • Prohibit banners, billboards or other visual clutter.
  • Provide landscaping between the sidewalk off-street vehicular zones.
  • Provide a common entrance for multi-tenant buldings.
  • Install a bike lane on Pennsylvania Street.
  • Install new sidewalks where they are absent on the west side of Pennsylvania Street and the south side of 49th
  • Remove obstructions on the sidewalks that interfere with pedestrian passage such as utility poles.
  • Provide bike parking.

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