MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Critical Area #4

College Avenue at 52nd Street

Why critical: This intersection is currently zoned community commercial, with a variety of commercial uses that primarily serve the surrounding neighborhood, including a pet supply store, bars, garden shop, cleaners, restaurants, cafes, hair salon, antique store, and offices. Residences surround these businesses. Historic buildings at this intersection create an urban experience that is warm and welcoming. Building setbacks and wide sidewalks provide comfort and safe passage for pedestrians.


  • See Land Use and Design Recommendations for College Avenue above.
  • Preserve the historic buildings and character at this intersection.
  • Integrate mixed-use (residential and commercial) at this intersection.
  • Upgrade the existing bus stop to include an attractive shelter characteristic of the neighborhood.
  • Establish a shared parking policy among the businesses at this intersection.
  • Stripe parking along College Avenue and 52nd Street in an effort to organize and provide additional parking spaces.

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