MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Critical Area #3

Monon Trail between 52nd and 54th Streets

Why Critical: The north side of 54th Street is zoned D-5 on the west side of the Monon Trail and C-3 on the east side of the Monon Trail where a small market is operating. Properties along the south side of 54th Street west of the Monon Trail are zoned C-4 and are home to a pair of restaurants.

The land north of 52nd Street between the Monon Trail and Winthrop Avenue is zoned I-4-U and CS. On the west side of Winthrop Avenue facing the street is a row of houses zoned C1, an office commercial zoning district. These houses are mostly used as homes, although a few are used as offices.

The south side of 52nd Street on either side of the Monon Trail is zoned D-5, but is developed with industrial and commercial uses.


  • See Land Use and Design Recommendations for Monon corridor above.
  • Mixed use along the Monon Trail would be appropriate and might include incubator space for start-up businesses, professional offices, art center, and residential uses.
  • A boutique hotel in this area could provide accommodations for those visiting Butler University.
  • Form-based zoning overlay should be utilized to minimize the impact of the industrial zoned properties upon the surrounding residential community.
  • Redevelopment should support a balance of neighborhood needs and services and family-oriented commercial uses.
  • Capitalize upon the Monon Trail to develop adjoining green space, pocket parks, and community gardens.
  • East/west pedestrian connections to the Monon Trail from both the east and west should be installed to improve community access.
  • Provide an access point to the Monon Trail at 53rd
  • Conduct a traffic study that would incorporate Complete Streets principles and identify appropriate locations for travel lanes, bikes lanes, parking spaces and permit parking for residences.
  • Improve the pedestrian experience along Winthrop Avenue and provide a buffer between commercial and industrial uses to the east and the residences to the west of the street.
  • Upgrade infrastructure along Winthrop Avenue, including possible storm and sanitary sewer upgrades, burying utility lines, new sidewalks and curbs, street repaving, low level pedestrian lighting, striped curb-side parking (rather than nose-in parking), and fiber optic cable upgrade.
  • Renovate alleys between 52nd and 54th Streets and between Winthrop Avenue and College Avenue.
  • Upgrade the Monon Trail between 49th and 52nd Streets to include trail lighting and security cameras.

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