MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Critical Area #15

38th Street between Pennsylvania and Broadway streets

Why Critical: This area contains a mix of historic two- to three-story apartment houses and similarly-scaled commercial buildings, which gives an architecturally and historically significant character to the area. A small number of one-story commercial structures break an otherwise cohesive streetscape.


  • See Land Use and Design Recommendations for 38th Street corridor above.
  • Mixed uses are appropriate along 38th Uses could be mixed among neighboring structures as well as within structures.
  • Types of commercial establishments desired along 38th and Meridian streets include:
    • Banking branches
    • Restaurants
    • Hotel or Bed & Breakfast
    • Living center for Seniors
    • Neighborhood grocery (not a “mega store”)
  • Building heights should be proportional to the street width and front setback. However, building height should be limited to four to five stories.
  • Existing residential stock should be rehabilitated or reused, particularly those structures that have historic value.
  • Existing setbacks along 38th Street are appropriate; the rhythm of existing building setbacks should be maintained when redevelopment activities and infill projects are undertaken
  • The public realm between the building setback and the street should be enhanced with lighting, landscaping, wide sidewalks, and tree lawns.
  • Architectural diversity is encouraged; however monolithic structures (blank walls, minimal fenestration) are not appropriate.
  • New multi-family structures should have common front entryways as seen in the existing historic apartment buildings in this section of 38th

Shared parking is acceptable in the commercial areas.

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