MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Critical Area #14

Intersection of 38th and Meridian streets

Why Critical: The intersection of 38th and Meridian streets is meaningful as the point where the symbolic centerline of the City (Meridian Street) crosses from the center part of the city (Center Township) to the north side (Washington Township). This intersection is also notable for being one of a small number of areas in the city outside the downtown with a concentration of multi-story buildings. This area displays a mix of multi-family housing and office buildings. New development will benefit this area if it builds upon the existing character of the area and provides greater coordination and cohesion in the functioning and aesthetics of the area.


  • See Land Use and Design Recommendations for 38th Street corridor above.
  • Mixed uses are appropriate along both 38th and Meridian streets. Uses could be mixed among neighboring structures as well as within structures.
  • High-rise structures are appropriate in this area but will need appropriate transition to the neighboring single-family homes.
  • Existing residential stock should be rehabilitated or reused, particularly those structures that have historic value.
  • Architectural diversity is encouraged; however monolithic structures (blank walls, minimal fenestration) are not appropriate.
  • Although architectural diversity is encouraged, the area should look and function as a cohesive whole with unified signage, lighting, landscaping, and shared parking.
  • Traffic control at the intersection of Meridian and 40th streets should be improved to provide safe pedestrian access to Tarkington Park from Meridian Kessler.

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