MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Critical Area #13

Southeast corner of Central Avenue and 40th Street.

Why Critical: This site is developed with a three-story brick building (constructed 1916) and parking area for approximately 30 vehicles. It is zoned SU-38, which permits the site to be used as a community center.

The location within a residential neighborhood and the size of the building presents special challenges. Any reuse of the building or redevelopment of the property would have immediate impact the surrounding neighborhood. Any new use or redevelopment of the site would require either a variance of use or a rezoning.


  • New use of the site should have minimal impact upon the adjacent residential properties and the neighborhood.
  • Historical character of the existing building should be preserved.
  • Any new structures should respect the character of the surrounding neighborhood and be consistent with the setbacks, height, style, material, and mass of the existing residential structures.
  • Except for low intensity office uses, the site should not be used for commercial operations.
  • Vehicular ingress/egress should be upgraded to improve safety.
  • Exterior lighting should be directed inward to minimize impact upon adjacent properties.

Internally-illuminated or neon signs should not be permitted.

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