MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Critical Area #10 + 11

Northeast corner of Central Avenue and 42nd Street.

Why Critical: St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church occupies the site. Through the years the church has expanded by purchasing adjacent properties and vacating an alley and a portion of Ruckle Street. It is zoned SU-1 for religious purposes. The zoning code defines religious use as “a land use devoted primarily to divine worship together with reasonably related accessory uses, which are subordinate to and commonly associated with the primary use, which may include but are not limited to, educational, instructional, social or residential uses.”

The impact of future expansions upon the neighborhood should be carefully studied and kept to a minimum.


  • As expansion plans are made, demolition of adjacent houses should be discouraged.
  • If new structures are constructed setbacks, height, style, material, and mass should reflect the surrounding neighborhood.
  • As resources become available, site access should be improved, including upgrading of the alley that connects Central Avenue and Park Avenue.
  • Any site improvements should consider children and pedestrian safety.
  • Curbside parking should be permitted, organized, and striped.


College Avenue at 42nd Street

Why Critical: This intersection is currently zoned Special Use with categories to provide for government buildings (public safety), church, and library.


  • See Land Use and Design Recommendations for College Avenue above.
  • Preserve the historic buildings and character at this intersection.

One thought on “Critical Area #10 + 11

  1. I believe that more thought needs to go into the 42nd St. corridor between the Monon and Central. Better connectors between Central and the Monon for pedestrians should be developed, perhaps a bike lane for example as well as some kind of walkable/bikeable pathway that could link the neighborhood to the designated “Park” parcels on the land use map. I think the plan needs to describe further the goals for the College/42nd St. intersection beyond enhancing the status quo. Some light commercial might be nice in addition to the pretzel shop, maybe a small café to compliment the library. The entire area could benefit from being a focal point for family/pedestrian connectivity between SJOA, Library, and Monon.

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