MK Plan for Zoning Overlay

May 13th, 2015
Appendix C

Long Range Traffic Calming Recommendations

Compliance with the Complete Streets concept, as well as compatibility with the SustainIndy bike plan are implicit with all the traffic calming measures which follow.

Specific crosswalk design markings along designated “Safe Routes” to school otherwise designated as “SR” and including the following:

  • Blinking overhead (or embedded) yellow lights
  • Flashing school zone signs on programmable timers
  • Unique school zone signage (? Mounted on the pavement)/MUTCD crossing signage
  • Unique crosswalk marking embedded in pavement and unique to Safe Routes (SR) designated pathways
  • Raised crosswalks — raised intersections at all school crossings
  • Explore State Law regarding mandatory stops at crosswalks
  • Pavement flashing lights embedded in crosswalks of school zones

Unless otherwise indicated, “curb bump out” will be located at the southwest and northeast corners of intersections. Unless otherwise specified, permeable pavers will be used; if bump out is “adopted” per MOU, may be planted as bio-swales in lieu of pavers.

Use permeable and “high albedo pavement” wherever possible.

Speed humps ONLY if supported by neighborhood petition.

Where bicycle lanes are present, mark the curbside parking spaces to avoid confusion.

Some type of shelter should be provided at bus stops .

Alley repair with particular attention between College and Broadway with use of permeable pavers or asphalt and install adequate alley lighting


Central Avenue

General: central double yellow line with no other lane definitions—to match Wash. and Penn. Bike lane on west side in southward direction. Change of speed limit to 30 mph.

Cross Streets

Kessler—add pedestrian countdown indicators, curb bump out

58th—crosswalk “SR” markings on 58th north-south both sides

57th—curb bump out/mark parking within one block radius of 57th/all “SR” items/relocate sidewalk utility pole SW corner/install a permanent “your speed is” sign northbound

56th—mark parking/crosswalk “SR” markings on 56th north-south both sides

55th—crosswalk “SR” markings on 55th north-south west side

54th—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” markings on 54th north-south both sides

53rd—crosswalk “SR” markings on 53rd north-south both sides

52nd—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” markings on 52nd north-south both sides

51st—crosswalk “SR” markings north-south both sides

50th—crosswalk “SR” markings north-south west side

49th—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” markings all directions

48th—crosswalk “SR” marking north-south west side

47th—crosswalk “SR” marking north-south west side, marked parking

46th—curb bump out for east-west crossings along north and south sides 46th/all “SR” items in all directions

45th—crosswalk “SR” north-south

44th—crosswalk “SR” markings north-south

43rd—crosswalk/mark parking

42nd—curb bump out NE, NW, and SW (SW—combined with platform for transit users and curb ramp/mark parking/flashing school zone sign/raised intersection/crosswalk “SR” east-west on north side/restyle crosswalk on east, north-south and north, east-west to match “SR” design/improve sidewalk between Central and Monon / install speed limit signs in both directions on 42nd between Central and Carrollton/MUTCD crossing signage/hire adult crossing guard/install in pavement flashing lights along crosswalk lines

41st—curb ramp/crosswalk “SR” west side north-south

40TH—curb bump out/mark parking/crosswalk “SR” east-west

39th—bus shelter/crosswalk “SR” east side going north-south


Washington Boulevard

General: Bike lane on east side of street in northward direction

Cross Streets

58th—crosswalk “SR” markings all directions

57th—curb bump out/mark parking within a one block radius of 57th/all “SR” items

56th—mark parking/crosswalk “SR” markings north-south both sides

55th—Stop sign (in an effort to slow traffic coming down the hill and passing on right)/crosswalk “SR” markings north-south both sides

54th—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” markings north-south both sides

53rd—crosswalk “SR” marking north-south east side

52nd—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” marking all directions

Beverly Drive—crosswalk “SR” markings north-south both sides

49th—crosswalk “SR” markings all directions

48th—crosswalk “SR” markings north-south west side

47th—crosswalk “SR” markings north-south west side

46th—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” in all directions/pedestrian countdown indicator

43rd—crosswalk “SR” markings all directions


Pennsylvania Street

Cross Streets

57th—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” markings all directions

56th—crosswalk “SR” markings north-south both sides

55th—curb bump out between 56th and 54th/crosswalk “SR” markings north-south both sides

54th—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” markings north-south both sides

53rd—crosswalk “SR” markings north-south both sides

52nd—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” markings all directions

49th—raised intersection, crosswalk “SR” markings all directions

46th—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” in all directions/pedestrian countdown indicator signals

43rdcrosswalk “SR” markings all directions

40th—curb bump out


College Avenue

General—mark curb side parking both sides of street from 38th to Kessler Blvd

Cross Streets

Kessler—curb bump out in southbound lane

57th—curb bump out/add pedestrian countdown indicators, raised crosswalk (SR)

54th—curb bump out/raised intersection/crosswalks

52nd—curb bump out

49th—curb bump out/raised intersection/crosswalks

46th—curb bump out/crosswalk “SR” all directions

42nd—curb bump out/Raised intersection, crosswalk “SR” all directions/pedestrian countdown indicator/prohibit right turn on red southbound/MUCTD crossing signage/restrict parking on College immediately adjacent to 42nd

38thcrosswalk “SR” in all directions



Mark parking on one side of street from 51st-55th Streets


Park Avenue

Cross Streets

49th-44th—narrow driving lane by adding bike lanes, parking bump outs

44th-46th—improve sidewalks

42nd—curb bump out northwest corner/pedestrian crossing signs/crosswalk “SR” all directions

57th—Improve sidewalk condition from Pennsylvania to College

56th—4 way stop 56th and Delaware/crosswalk “SR” markings

54th—Construct continuous sidewalk from Boulevard to Monon Trail

52nd—Construct continuous sidewalk from Boulevard to Monon Trail

44th—Carrollton—crosswalk “SR” 44th

Park—crosswalk “SR” at 44th

Broadway—crosswalk “SR”

Park—crosswalk “SR”


Meridian Street

Cross Streets

56th—add pedestrian indicators with countdowns

52nd—add pedestrian indicators with countdowns

46th—pedestrian countdown indicator/raised intersection and crosswalk

43rd—install traffic signal with pedestrian countdown indicators/crosswalk “SR” all directions

40th—stop sign/signal/or pedestrian refuge island



Cross Streets

Carrollton—4 way stop

Guilford—4 way stop


Forest Hills Streets due to cut through traffic

Carrollton/Guilford point—evaluate center-island with diversion

Winthrop/Forest Lane point—evaluate center-island with diversion

Winthrop/Wildwood/58th St point – evaluate center-island with diversion

Guilford/Forest/58th St—evaluate center-island with diversion

Wildwood/Guilford/57th St point—evaluate center-island with diversion

Guilford and Northview Intersection—4-way stop


40th Street

Cut through traffic needs to be addressed between Washington and Pennsylvania


38th Street

Delaware-restrict ingress by allowing only west bound traffic to enter from 38th,


Delaware Street

No left turn southbound on Delaware, traffic diverter/planter on Delaware if emergency vehicles can be accommodated

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  1. I’m not sure I understand why the traffic diverter/planter is required for Delaware and 38th Street. As a neighbor who lives on Delaware south of 38th Street, this would cut off access to our two block stretch coming from the east. Emergency vehicle access would absolutely have to be accommodated as I believe our nearest fire station is at 42nd and College and emergency vehicles would likely be turning left from 38th Street onto Delaware.

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